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What happens if we absolutely position a div by defining its top , left , bottom , and right properties, all at the same time? I can manage to place the element at the bottom just fine, but what I really need is 2 div elements at the bottom. Additionally, the overflow property can be used to determine what happens when the container is filled to over-flowing. In Firefox however, the position: If you'd like to contribute to the interactive examples project, please clone https: Permalink to comment June 26, You seem to have forgotten an id identifier. Jasmine. Age: 19. Hi I’m Angelina I’m a bit older than most of the other girls advertising here actually! Now to some, that could be a complication but to the discerning, not a problem at all Carol. Age: 20. ich bin Hanny!!!

Making Your Footer Stay Put With CSS

The type of positioning to use depends on the layout of the content and the purpose of the document. I have made heavy use of other people's work, and listed known external resources. In Firefox however, the position: By specifying text-indent , you get the text to be pushed, here to the left of the button, without influencing the width or position of the button. But that's not what you want, and the whole reason why you put a position: I tried your suggestions, but it didn't work. Looks like some of those photos were taken not from here. The only difference is that for a fixed positioned box, the containing block is established by the viewport. The right property defines how far from its usual position we want the left hand edge of our container to appear not the right hand edge, as you might expect! Fixed positioning, with its direct relation to the browser window also responds by reflowing when the window is resized. Similar to the containing boxes of absolute positioning, fixed position elements are independent. Giving the block a width or a height prevents the block from taking up all available space and forces the browser to calculate margin:

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For example, Netscape 4 fails to display the background-color of a div tag. All the browsers shows this as: You need to set the width of the element for this to work. Everything else is taken care of. Not sure if i missed it or perhaps it wasn't covered.

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