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Playing with the outer area around the anus, or putting something just inside the opening can add a pleasurable sensation to any sexual encounter through the pudendal nerve, while moving deeper inside you will be accessing pleasure through the pelvic nerve. The dartos muscle and fascia of the scrotum are what cause the wrinkly appearance of this sac that encloses the testicles. Numerous blood vessels surround the anal canal and may be subject to enlargement and rupture; this condition, commonly called a hemorrhoid , or pile, may cause pain, bleeding, and projection of the vessels from the anus. The Sacrum at the base of the spine 3. This layer, coupled with extensive connective tissues, also provides the primary support to the organs resting above it: The sphincters regulate the opening and closing of the two orifices of the pelvic floor: Naughty. Age: 25. I offer companionship, and many other services, where a Shemale with the attributes, qualities and skills that you desire is required Kimberly. Age: 22. 4500/ 24 hours

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In simple terms blue balls occurs when the epididymis get blocked up with sperm that have left the testis but not the penis. The very first thing you will want to do is make sure you are clean down there. Large portions of the urogenital and anal regions receive their sensory supply from the cutaneous branches of this nerve. Visceral afferent sensory fibres follow the parasympathetic supply. Seminal Vesicles Other structures 5. The final segment of the rectum, the ampulla , relaxes to accumulate and temporarily store faeces until defecation occurs. Thats how the doctors do it. The Bihari Procedure consists of cutting the ligament that secures the base of the penis to the body. Frenulum, Frenum A thin strip of flesh on the underside of the penis that connects the shaft to the head. The male perineum includes the penis, scrotum, and the perineal muscles in the urogenital triangle, along with the anal triangle. An endoscope is inserted into the anus, and the entire colon is viewed to look for problems.

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Just like your penis becomes erect , so does your prostate, and thus, your G-spot is easier to locate. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons https: Perianal skin — Abscess, hematoma erroneously called thrombosed external hemorrhoids , external opening of fistula-in-ano , skin tag in chronic fissure-in-ano. Sites of perianal lesions include the following: The anal canal is completely extraperitoneal. This way, you can figure out what makes you the most excited and what gets your girl hot , and what you are both fine with skipping for your next romp. Anal canal cancer or rectal cancer infiltrating into the anal canal spreads to the superficial inguinal lymph nodes.

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